About PICA

The Parry Island Cottagers’ Association – or PICA – is an association of cottagers located on Parry Island just outside of Parry Sound, Ontario. Formed in 1970, our mandate to act as partners and representatives for all PICA members located on the northwest shore of the Island.


The members of the Board of Directors for PICA work on a variety of committees to fulfill that mandate. The work is wide-ranging, but we primarily act as a liaison with our landlord Wasausink Lands Inc, and the Wasauksing First Nation community.


The role of PICA and the scope of its work has evolved over the years, and as a non-profit organization, PICA is dependent on the support of its member cottagers – both for the human resources that make up our committees and also for the financial support that allows us to operate the volunteer Board of Directors and outside third party services as needed.


If you need more information about our activities or to consult with our committee chairs about your area, please contact us.