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Message from the President

Hello all,

The harvest season is upon us. With October now in the rear view mirror Cottagers are mostly closed up for the season. On behalf of PICA we trust you had an enjoyable summer and we wish you and your family a fantastic holiday season.

We met with Chief Warren earlier last month to present him with the generous donation from the PICA membership. He was very appreciative of our support for their First Nation youth, and expressed his gratitude to you all. Please see the selfie of Carol Heaslip, Chief Warren and myself for the presentation.

We also had some promising discussion about future relations between the cottagers and the first nation.  Chief Warren reiterated his commitment to working with us to extend the lease for a longer term and begin discussions on change as soon as possible. We are hoping to begin working more directly with WFN this fall where the lease permits and will share more details as they become available.

Have a great fall and winter season and we’ll see you in the spring.

Rob Mills

President – PICA



From the Board: 

On behalf of the PICA Board we trust you have had an enjoyable summer and wish you all the best over the coming winter months. Our next newsletter is scheduled for Spring 2018 however if any “Special Updates” are needed they will be posted as/when newsworthy items occur.

Annual PICA Membership dues 2017 / Interact e-Transfers

For those of you who have already paid your 2017 dues, thank you. For those who have not paid we ask that you do so as soon as possible.

For Payment by cheque and issuance of your 2017 PICA sticker please contact:

Carol Heaslip via email: eric.heaslip008@sympatico.ca

or you can send your cheque to: PICA, P.O. Box 686, Parry Sound ON P2A 2Z1. Please be sure to indicate your Lot # and which year you are paying for.

Payment by interact e-transfers:

As an alternative we can now accept interact e-transfers for your convenience. Please use the following e-mail address to make the payments, and please remember to send us the password in a separate email so we can complete the transaction:


Your bank’s online site will provide instructions on how to make an interact e-transfer if you are not familiar with the process.

Note: We still have a few cottagers who have not paid 2016 dues.   If you wish to check your status of payment and / or make payment of your 2016 Annual dues please use one of the two methods shown above. Your continued support of PICA is greatly appreciated.

Special Assessment – Report 

Regretfully we still have several cottagers whose payment of the Special Assessment remains outstanding. At the request of the membership we are now showing lot numbers of those who are delinquent (as of October 1st, 2017). If your lot number appears on this list and you believe you have paid or you simply want to make the payment please contact Carol Heaslip.

1 5 7 9 18 19 25 27 31 42 43 44
56 60 61 65 68 72 74 87 90 103 105 107
110 118 121 123 124 133 134 138 140 143 145 157
159 163 168 169 172 173 174 176 177 178 184 189
196 203 209 211 229 230 233 239


Please remember, PICA is representing and negotiating the lease extension on behalf of the entire “membership”, however only paid up members (Annual PICA dues as well as the Special Assessment) will be eligible to vote on accepting terms of the new lease. If you have not yet paid please do your part and join your fellow cottagers in supporting this process with payment of the Special Assessment.

Waste Station 

Closed for the season as of October 31st.

Website Update 

We are updating the website with relevant information and posts and www.parryislandcottagers.com will be the primary location of updates from the PICA Board.  As mentioned at the AGM, the website has been updated to include multiple levels of access which will become available to cottagers when private confidential communication is required.

Social Media

PICA has set up a formal Facebook page which can be found here:


and twitter page


We will be using these channels for informal communication and also to notify you of updates on the website.

Road Works 

Over the winter months we will continue to keep in touch with WLI concerning road construction (most likely the next 1.7 kms from the Sugar Bush shed).  WLI have been looking at the side roads off Oak Point Road and we are hopeful this work may also be included as a summer 2018 project.


WLI advised that Oak Point Road grading is scheduled for every other week through to the end of October. As a reminder if you have any concern over the condition of the road due to lack of grading we urge you to contact:

Wasausink Lands Inc.

Crystal Turner

Operations Manager

PO Box 238

Parry Sound, On


E-Mail: manager@wasausinklandsinc.ca



Newsletter Update

With our goal being to improve frequency of communication to all Cottagers and to provide timely information of relevance 2017 has seen 3 Newsletters and a Special Update posted to the website. We will continue to follow this pattern in 2018 and have set the following target dates for communication.

May 1st-15th – Season Opening Newsletter/President’s message

June 15th-30th – Newsletter

August 15th – 31st  Newsletter (including summary of the AGM)

October 1st-15th – Season Closing Newsletter/President’s message

Special Updates’ may also be issued anytime during the May 1st to October 31st period where information is of immediate importance to the membership and where such could not wait for the next Newsletter. You may also see Special Updates (less frequent) during the winter months, November thru April, where information is of immediate importance such as this past winter where we commented on the results/impact of the “Land Code” vote.

Where postings are made to the website alert e-mails will automatically be sent to members requesting them to check the website for details. For those who do not have access to e-mail/computers etc we will continue to mail out copies of the newsletter/special updates provided we have your current contact information on file.

Insurance Reminder

Further to discussion regarding cottage insurance at the AGM, PICA received an independent recommendation to advise the membership on this issue.  We are cautioning the cottagers not to add WLI as “Additional Named Insured” on their liability insurance policy but rather to add WLI as “Additional Insured” for cross liability, as is commonplace by industry standards. Adding WLI as “Additional Named Insured” to an insurance policy gives WLI privileges under a cottagers insurance policy that they should not have. Many insurance companies are aware of this but for those that are not, you can share this information with them to have the terminology amended.

PICA Board

For any cottagers who feel they could contribute but may not have the time to sit on the Board, we would appreciate any assistance for help with special projects. Feel to contact any member of the PICA Board if you are interested.

Maintaining PICA Members contact list 

PICA maintains a contact list for each cottage. It’s important that we keep our records up to date. We would ask that you please contact Carol Heaslip if you change/sell your cottage; change the leaseholders name on your cottage; change your home address; cottage telephone number or your home/cell telephone number(s) and/or if you change or add an email. If you sell your property, please share PICA information with the new owners and/or the real estate agent.

Contacting PICA 

Emails and information can be sent to the website via parryislandcottagers@gmail.com . You can also access information on the website at www.parryislandcottagers.com .

Board contacts: 

Rob Mills (Lot 226) – robkmills@hotmail.com or 416-731-8117 – President

John Bick (Lot 51) – johnbick@sonoco.com or 905-304-7250 – Secretary

Carol Heaslip (Lot37) –  eric.heaslip008@sympatico.ca or 705-746-9535 – Membership Chair

Ted Green (Lot 127) – tgreen@ftc-i.net or 705-746-7341- Director

Annual Lease Payments to WLI 

There was discussion regarding lease payment at the AGM this year. WLI has been demanding that cottagers make payment via certified cheque or money order but that it not a requirement according to the lease. The lease does not stipulate how payment shall be made, just that it must be made and is due May 1st of each year. That means cash or cheques are fine. We encourage all cottagers to ensure payments arrive by May 1st as per the lease agreement.


Due to the sensitive nature of this information, we will no longer be publishing the annual financials where non-members may be able to view them, however, If any member would like to receive a copy of the PICA financials, please contact one of the members of the board listed above and a copy will be provided to you.


This newsletter is sent on behalf of PICA [Parry Island Cottage Association] and is intended for PICA members in good standing only.  It is not for redistribution to non-PICA members. If you are not the intended recipient, you are notified that disclosing, copying, distributing or taking any action in reliance on the contents of this information is strictly prohibited. PICA accepts no liability for the content of this newsletter, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided, unless that information is subsequently confirmed in writing by the Board of Directors of PICA.  If you have received this communication in error please contact the sender via mail.

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