Board of Directors

2017 – 2018 PICA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is made up of volunteer cottage owners.  We are always looking for more help and if you’re interested please reach out to any of the board members below.

President Rob Mills Lot 226
Vice-President/Secretary/Legal John Bick Lot 51
Treasurer Rob Mills Lot 226
Director (Legal / Web) Dave Burnett Lot 108
Director (Membership) Carol Heaslip Lot 37
Director (Membership) Brenda Burnett Lot 109
Director Ted Green Lot 127
Director Pam Ferguson Lot 83



What is PICA?

PICA (Parry Island Cottager’s Association) is a volunteer, not for profit organization representing the 244 cottagers located in the subdivision on the north-west corner of Parry Island.

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About PICA


The Parry Island Cottagers’ Association – or PICA – is an association of cottagers located on Parry Island just outside of Parry Sound, Ontario. Formed in 1970, our mandate to act as partners and representatives of all 244 cottages located on the northwest shore of the Island.

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